Kirat Traders

About Us

We are dedicated farmer in Khotang, hilly region of Nepal. Being in agriculture profession as a farmer by birth, we grew up on vegetable farm, we played on potato field. We realized the agriculture profession only could be sustainable when the farmers have the access to the market. So, our store established in Diktel (Khotang) and Kathmandu. We supply what we produce in village like corn, millet, rice, wheat, buck wheat, potato, vegetables, fruits, root fruits, dry fruits, fish etc.

You can directly contact us on given mobile number or mail us. Also follow us on our official social media page and get connected.

We believe, our product is not attractive but healthy and tasty.

Dilli Raj Rai
MIlan Soyata Rai
Tajbin Rai

Contact :
Khotang – Rajan Rai
Ilam – Dipesh Rai